Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Simli AiD consider access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene as a fundamental rights of citizens which constitute a critical element of the health and wellbeing of all, especially the poor and vulnerable. Working with partners and stakeholders like SIMAVI, International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance and other host of local partners, it has extended safe water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and services to many communities and health and educational institutions across the Northern region of Ghana.

Maternal and Sexual Health

Simli AiD Projects include sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls, maternal and safe motherhood, ending early and forced marriages of girls, HIV and AIDS, Life Planning Skills for young people. We collaborated with the Ghana Health Service and SIMAVI to promote the rights of women and girls to determine their own sexually according to their needs. Community and religious leaders are been trained and included in the process of securing the sexual and reproductive health rights for women and girls. 

Ending Early and Forced Marriages of Girls

Working with partners like Mundo Cooperante, Girls Not Bride (UK), Girls Not Bride (Ghana) and SIMAVI, Simli AiD has supported young girls in the several districts to stay in school by providing them with their school supplies, providing supplementary teaching and assisting their parents to ensure that their daughters stay in school and not given out in marriage early. There has also been advocacy and information sessions to educate parents about the law on early marriage .

Afforestation and Environmental Protection & Preservation

Tree growing and planting has become an important part of the livelihoods of the people in the Northern region. Simli AiD has been mobilising and training rural people to cultivate various species of tree crops including shea, mango, cashew, teak, luceana, albizia, Moringa, etc. In partnership with the New England Biolabs Foundation and the Lush Charity Pot as well as other stakeholders, the organisation has supported women across Kumbungu, Karaga, Gusheigu and Tolon districts to undertake tree growing.

Livelihood and Rural Enterprise Development

To address the root causes of poverty in rural and peri-urban communities, Simli AiD has provides  basic support and training to women to be able to generate capital and apply that to small businesses. Micro credit and small loans have been provided to women to enable them undertake small businesses in biscuit making, soap making, dress making, agriculture, batik making, etc. Over 45 communities are currently engaged in different forms of enterprises.

Adult Literacy (REFLECT)

Simli AiD has adopted REFLECT literacy model as a political literacy approach to community empowerment as it allows learners to determine their learning according to their own terms. The organisation has mainly partnered with Village Aid, Feed The Minds and other partners since then to be able to promote literacy. Over 60 REFLECT circles/classes across six districts has been set up for adult learners across the Northern region and this has helped transformed their lives in the areas of agriculture, micro enterprises and other livelihood areas.

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